siberian cats
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The Staff


Socialization is a very big part of raising a well rounded, loving, trusting kitten. Our daughter, Kaylie, plays a very important role in this aspect. A natural born cat lover, Kaylie spends part of every day with our kittens. Although she spreads her love around, she usually has one kitten that receives just that little bit extra. We always see that that kitten goes to a home where there are children.




The StaffNot to be outdone is our other daughter, Ashley. Our cattery was well established by the time that Ashley came along and right from a newborn, Ashley became part of The Staff.

When Ashley was a very young toddler, she was not enamored with our kittens and at that point, I must say, that they were not in love with her either. As Ashley grew older and was able to actually get up off the floor and walk, things got a lot better. Young children have higher pitched voices. They move faster and in a more jerky manner than grown-ups. Kittens that grow up with young children learn at a very early age that these small humans are nothing to fear and actually can be lots of fun. Pets teach children responsibility and kindness, things that every child needs to learn.





At 6.5 pounds, Paisley is smaller than any of our adult Siberians. This does not stop her from enthusiastically adding her bit to everything that goes on. Because of her small size, Paisley is usually the first dog that our kittens learn to like and trust. We have never met a dog that is so "into" cats. We suspect that Paisley hopes one day to become a Siberian.



DogThe last and equally important part of The Staff is Motley. He functions as The Boss of the cattery. He is an excellent guard dog. He is extremely gentle with the kittens and has learnt the ability to carry a kitten around just like a mother cat. He instinctively knows when a kitten is up to no good or is in a place where it should not be. It is quite a sight to see Motley trot across the room with a kitten in his mouth and plunk it down in front of its mother. At times, from the look he gives the mother he almost seems to be saying "Look, this kitten is yours. Take care of it!".

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