siberian cats
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Thank you for visiting our website and for giving us the opportunity to present to you some of our Siberian cats and the philosophy of our cattery. We are a very responsible cattery dedicated to breeding healthy, loving, well socialized beautiful Siberian cats and kittens. We hope that after reading our website you will have a greater appreciation of this wonderful feline and understand why we love and respect the Siberian breed.

siberian kittenThe Siberian, if properly raised from birth, is a very sociable, people-loving breed. Siberians need a lot of companionship, unlike some other breeds which may be aloof and more independent. If you work outside the house for long periods of time and have an active social life, we do suggest having two to keep each other company. There is also nothing more wonderful to watch than the interaction of two devoted Siberians. Their love for each other in no way takes away from the human part of their family. The only thing you will find is two Siberians following you from room to room and two Siberians supervising your daily activities!

Siberians, like most other living things, each have their own individual and wonderful personalities. What all Siberians do have in common is that they want to love and be loved. Taking the time to build a relationship with your own unique Siberian can be a very rewarding experience. There's nothing like being loved by a happy Siberian!


We understand and deplore the problem of overpopulation of domestic animals and we only siberian kittenbreed kittens when there is a demand. We also do our very best to ensure that the homes that they are adopted into are suitable and loving.

We are always available to give advice and to help with any issue that may arise. This commitment is not just at the time of purchase but throughout the life of our cats. We will also work with an owner to re-home a cat, should this become necessary.

It is our firm commitment and hope that every kitten or retired breeder we place is wanted and cherished throughout its lifetime. If you are interested in further exploring the possibility of adopting a Siberian as a pet and you feel that you can provide it with a good home, please do not hesitate to contact us.



  • Breeding cats since 1992 - Siberians since 2002
  • Home raised; handled lovingly every day since birth
  • Raised with dogs and young children
  • Most colors
  • Lifetime guidance and backup
  • Strong two-year genetic guarantee
  • Five-generation pedigree
  • Cattery and breeders are TICA registered
  • Negative for FELV, FIV and ringworm
  • Vaccinated, wormed and vet checked
  • Shipping year round - Canada and the United States
  • Sterilization prior to departure
  • 23-page kitten handout
  • References provided upon request
  • We breed only adults with the lowest allergen scores. Every breeding adult is allergen tested
  • We honor our guarantee 100% - always

  |  Telephone 214-989-6264